Coaches & staff

CLSC staff provide holistic support for students as they pursue their person-centered career, campus engagement, independent living, and academic goals. Point Coaches provide one-to-one individualized support as students utilize the University’s resources to accomplish their goals.

You can contact CLSC by email at or by phone at 302-831-2940.


Jay Sellers

CLSC Program Manager

Rebecca Jewell

Assistant Program Manager

Jayla Godfrey

Academic Coordinator

Leah Krauskopf

Career Counselor

Lahnee’ Piner

Administrative Assistant

Melanie Sipko



The outline of a shape representing a person

Azza Al Darai

Major: Environmental Engineering

Blair Schnitzer headshot

Brandon Awosanya

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Vini Dattani

Major: Psychology
Minor: Entrepreneurship

Sarah Durante

Major: Psychology
Minors: Disability Studies, Human Development and Family Sciences

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Melissa Gatti

Major: MS Computer Science

Isabella Haigney headshot

Isabella Haigney

Major: Criminal Justice
Minors: Philosophy, Disability Studies
Access:Ability Scholar

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Emily Heybach

Major: Health Behavior Sciences
Minor: Disability Studies

Gabby Kemp

Major: Health Behavior Science

Miliana Kratchmarov

Major: Health Behavior Science
Minor: Health, Physical Activity & Disability

Iana Luque

Majors: Psychology, Criminal Justice
Minor: Forensic Science

Angelia Monica headshot

Angelia Monica

Majors: Economics, Political Science

Angelia Monica headshot

Donna Price

Major: Biological Sciences
Minors: Africana Studies, Public Health

The outline of a shape representing a person

Gianna Richason

Major: Health Behavior Science:
Pre-Occupational Therapy

Katherine Rush

Major: Cognitive Science: Pre-Speech-Language Pathology
Minor: Disability Studies

Chloe Sable

Major: Human Services: Pre-Social Work/Counseling
Minor: French

Blair Schnitzer headshot

Blair Schnitzer

Major: MA/Ed.S School Psychology