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We are excited about your interest in CLSC at the University of Delaware! We use a holistic review process to assemble a motivated and diverse cohort of incoming students who we expect will flourish in our program.

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To be eligible for CLSC, you must be at least 18 years of age when starting the program in the fall. You should have exited high school with a certificate of completion, diploma, or GED before starting CLSC. You must also:

  • Have “functional communication skills,” defined as expressing needs and wants in ways that can be understood by others and through behaviors that are considered acceptable in public settings.
  • Manage free time independently for up to two hours in the community without supervision.
  • Demonstrate ability to self-monitor and self-manage behaviors in public settings.

To apply for CLSC, you must submit an application, three letters of recommendation, a personal statement and documentation of disability along with a $30 application fee.

Materials are reviewed by a committee to determine if you meet federal eligibility requirements and your goals and background make you a good fit for CLSC. Delaware residents will be given priority.

CLSC uses a rolling admissions process. Once we receive a completed application, we will review it, invite the student and family for an interview, and make an acceptance decision within two weeks of the interview.

The review of applications begins in January for the following fall and continues until 12 new incoming students have been selected. There is no deadline, but we encourage students to submit applications by April 1 for best consideration.

All new classes start in the fall.


Please download all CLSC application materials: the application form, letter of recommendation request form, and personal statement form.

Download these application materials

CLSC application
Letter of recommendation request form
Personal statement form

Paying for CLSC

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Program dates

CLSC follows a schedule similar to undergraduate students. The first day of classes is typically the first day of undergraduate classes, which is usually at the end of August. However, CLSC students also participate in a summer session during which they spend time orienting to campus and UD student policies. This is a required activity and occurs over one week in August just prior to the start of fall semester.

Academic dates and break periods are published on the UD Events Calendar, and the Academic Calendar for each year is available from the Registrar’s Office.

October 1

Application opens for 2024-2025

December 1

Fee waiver ends

Late August

Week-long orientation before the start of fall semester