Karen Latimer demonstrates an assistive technology device to an older couple
New technology gives older adults, disability community sense of independence Karen Latimer of the CDS-run Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative (DATI) demonstrated devices that can help older Delawareans remain independent and safe in their homes at a May 15 event held with the Sussex County Advisory Committee on Aging & Adults with Physical Disabilities. Devices that support individuals with disabilities throughout the life span are available at DATI’s resource centers for a free trial period.
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Presentation on autism and mental health will focus on improving care Because certain mental health conditions can present differently in people with autism, and be experienced more often by these individuals, the CDS-led Delaware Network for Excellence in Autism (DNEA) will hold an online training May 16 for clinicians, family members and others. Participants can increase their understanding of autism and co-occurring diagnoses so they can better support autistic individuals and their mental health. DNEA Director Alicia Fletcher will co-present.
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Assistive technology for seniors is topic May 15 Karen Latimer, from the Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative (DATI) housed at CDS, will present to the Sussex County Advisory Committee on Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities on May 15. She will demonstrate assistive technology and describe services available statewide through the DATI.
In a light-filled waiting room space, two people perform a standing yoga pose.
Relieving Stress And Supporting Mental Health Students in the CDS-led Career and Life Studies Certificate program participated in a pilot mental health intervention, developed and implemented by Brittany Powers, an alumna of the Delaware LEND program housed at CDS.
Two people - one in an AR headset - stands in front of a painting.
New Technology for Conservators A team of conservators and technology specialists are investigating uses of augmented technology to share otherwise inaccessible spaces at a distance. The Center for Disabilities Studies’ Karen Latimer is working with the team to potentially add the device to the Center’s Assistive Technology Resource Centers, making it available for loan to Delawareans with disabilities.