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Electronic absentee voting back on, commissioner reveals at accessible elections forum

Delawareans with disabilities and other absentee voters once again have the option of receiving and marking their ballots with tablets or smartphones, state Election Commissioner Anthony Albence revealed at a virtual forum hosted by the University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies yesterday.

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Supporting Delaware educators: CEHD helps teachers, administrators adjust to remote learning

The Delaware Network for Excellence in Autism (DNEA), based at CDS, and other centers in UD’s College of Education and Human Development are supporting educators with training and technical resources on remote instruction. The DNEA shifted its training sessions for educators online and is creating guides for explaining Covid-19 to children with autism. The Delaware Academy for School Leadership and Professional Development Center for Educators are also sharing expertise and resources.

Outside a polling place in Delaware where signs direct voters to the voting booths
Delaware drops internet-based voting system used by some absentee voters amid security concerns

Delaware ended its pilot of an internet-based voting system for people with physical disabilities and others voting absentee after a damaging study found cybersecurity vulnerabilities. CDS Director Beth Mineo said that the system’s billing as a way to increase accessibility was “really unfortunate,” because it came at the unacceptable cost of election security. Delaware returned to its preexisting absentee voting system – which includes an option to submit ballots via email that cybersecurity experts also criticize.

Lizzy Phillips is a first-year UD student in the Center for Disabilities Studies Career and Life Studies Certificate program and poses with a service animal
Inclusive programs show resilience: Students with disabilities, staff adjust to remote learning amid coronavirus

Students and staff in CDS’s Career and Life Studies Certificate (CLSC) and Spectrum Scholars programs are demonstrating their flexibility and resilience as they adapt to digital learning and socializing. Students are continuing to participate in coaching and mentoring sessions, attend clubs and hone self-advocacy skills. Staff are finding creative ways to move instruction online, though some offerings, such as CLSC internships, are proving hard to replicate.