Collage of random peer reviewed research journal covers

Every year, CDS produces research that’s evaluated by experts, published in scholarly journals and tapped to make improvements in the community. Recent peer-reviewed research from CDS has addressed communication interventions and assessments, collaborations across the lifespan among families of students with disabilities, and differences in reinforcements employed in American, Chinese and Japanese schools.


Access our published research below.

In press

  • Monahan, J.Freedman, B., Pini, K., & Lloyd, R.

    (In press) Autistic input in social skills interventions for young adults: A systematic review of the literature. Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders..
  • Monahan, J., Lombardi, A., Maduas, J., Carlson, S. R., Freeman, J. & Gelbar, N.

    (In press) A systematic literature review of college and career readiness frameworks for students with disabilities Journal of Disability Policy Studies.
  • Lombardi, A., Rifenbark, G., Monahan, J., Tarconish, E., & Rhoads, C.

    (In press) Aided by extant data: The effect of peer mentoring on achievement for college students with disabilities Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability.
  • Carlson, S. R., Thompson, J. T., & Monahan, J.

    (In press) An analysis of state pre-employment transition services policies Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation.



  • Gelbar, N., Madaus, J. W., Dukes, L., Faggella-Luby, M., Volk, D. & Monahan, J.

    (2019) Self-Determination and College Students with Disabilities: Research Trends and Construct Measurement Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, published online, pp. 1–19.
  • Bear, G. G., Harris, A. B., Saraiva de Macedo Lisboa, C., & Holst, B.

    (2019) Perceptions of engagement and school climate: Differences between once-retained and multiple-retained students in Brazil International Journal of School & Educational Psychology, 7(1), 18–27.
  • Bear, G. G., Yang, C., Chen, D., He, X., Xie, J., & Huang, X.

    (2019) Differences in school climate and student engagement in China and the United States School Psychology Quarterly, 33(1), 323-335.
  • Xie, J., Qin, F., Yang, C., & Bear, G. G.

    (2019) Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the Delaware Student Engagement Scale-Student Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology (in Chinese). Journal of East China Normal University Education Sciences.