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Truly Random Drug Testing: ADHD Patients Face Uneven Urine Screens and, Sometimes, Stigma

Individuals who take prescription medication for ADHD are subjected to urine drug screens. Without any national standards, testing policies are inconsistent, determined by providers or insurance companies.

Two photos, one of a person with light-toned skin wearing black against a dark background and one of a person with darker toned skin wearing white against a light background
Disability activists fight for equality in the South

A new coalition fights for disability justice in 14 states across the southern U.S.

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona gestures while speaking into a microphone
Biden Administration Calls For End To Corporal Punishment In Schools

The U.S. Secretary of Education called for an end to corporal punishment, which remains legal in at least 23 states, with students of color and students with disabilities disproportionately affected.

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Ensuring Quality Programs for Students With Intellectual Disabilities

A newly-formed council looks to become the first accreditor of higher education programs for students with intellectual disabilities.

A billboard on the corner of a building reads: Hire Disabled Writers, not just a disability consultant
‘Hire Disabled Writers, Not Just a Disability Consultant,’ Demands Letter From Dozens of Creators

A group committed to advancing the work of screenwriters with disabilities released an open letter asking producers to hire writers with disabilities for film and television projects in place of being hired as low-paid consultants.