A Burger King employee serves a customer through the restaurant’s drive-through window
Minimum wage bill: House passes Raise the Wage Act for $15 minimum wage

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would double the federal minimum wage and eliminate subminimum wage for people with disabilities and other classes of employees. The changes would phase in over several years. The bill now goes from the Democrat-controlled House to the Republican-controlled Senate.

DNA Double helix
Autism mostly caused by genetics, study finds

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry, researchers said that nearly 81 percent of autism risk is hereditary. The study looked at data on more than 2 million people in five countries.

The Delaware Court of Chancery building
Trial begins in lawsuit over school funding in Delaware

A Delaware judge is hearing testimony in a lawsuit alleging that officials are failing to provide adequate educational opportunities for disadvantaged students, partly because local school property tax collections are based on assessments that are decades old. The lawsuit says inadequate funding disadvantages tens of thousands of children from low-income families, children with disabilities and English Language Learners.

Laura Waterland, project director for the Disabilities Law Program of Community Legal Aid Society
[Commentary] Disabled voters figure to loom large in 2020

Delaware Disabilities Law Program Director Laura Waterland, a member of CDS’s Community Advisory Council, writes that an increase in turnout among voters with disabilities in 2018 suggests the demographic may play a large role in the 2020 elections. She shares information about the ways Delawareans can register to vote.