Career and Life Studies Certificate (CLSC) Program

Career and Life Studies Certificate (CLSC) Program

UD’s two-year, CDS-administered CLSC program offers students with intellectual disabilities academic, career and independent-living instruction that prepares them for future employment or further education. As day students or residential students living in dorms as part of UD’s mission to provide inclusive environments to a diverse student body, they participate in classes, clubs, campus events and internships and work experiences.
Who Should Consider CLSC? Students with intellectual disabilities who have completed high school or are in their final year—and who would find college a bridge to building friendships, furthering their education, establishing a career and working toward living more independently – should consider the Career and Life Studies Certificate program. These students did. Read how CLSC gave them confidence to get beyond their comfort zone, make the grade and land a job.
The CLSC Experience


Supportive, accessible, individualized and empowering, CLSC gives students the opportunities they want and need to broaden their knowledge, develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities to become more independent and succeed beyond college.


In CLSC, the students benefit from person-centered planning and coaching, academic coursework, interning and exploring careers, and by participating in campus life, either as day students or as students living in a residential hall.


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How to Apply

CLSC may cost a student or the student’s family approximately $7,000 per year, after financial aid is acquired and applied. There also are fees if the student is living on campus. The 12 students selected annually into the CLSC program are admitted on a rolling basis.

Learn more about costs, admissions, how to apply and applications materials here.