About CLSC

Most adults with intellectual disabilities are told they will never go to college. The University of Delaware’s CLSC (pronounced “CLSC”) program tells many of those same individuals something else: “College may be the right option for you.” It could be, if they’ve completed high school or are in their final year, and if they’d find college a bridge to building friendships, furthering their education, establishing a career, and working toward living more independently.

Students in CLSC attend UD for two or four years. They take undergraduate courses, join clubs, and hold internships. They benefit from person-centered planning, coaching, and participation in campus life. And they have the choice of living in UD residence halls or commuting from home.

CLSC is the only college program in Delaware designed specifically for people with intellectual disabilities. But CLSC also is part of a growing national movement which recognizes that students with intellectual disabilities should have the option to attend college.

Two students walk on a brick pathway with Rebecca Jewell