Supports For Spectrum Scholars

Students who receive comprehensive services from Spectrum Scholars meet for weekly coaching, peer mentoring, and career development opportunities.

This service is limited to approximately 10 students per year, based on meeting eligibility requirements. Furthermore, students are eligible for all group-based supports and workshops offered throughout each semester, often in collaboration with other university departments.

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Melanie Sipko talks to a student. Sipko has short salt and pepper hair and wears a t-shirt that reads "Be the Change."


There are two types of coaching: individualized coaching and group coaching.

Individualized coaching meetings are 1:1 while group coaching is a 1-credit course that multiple students are enrolled into each semester.

Topics in group coaching vary based on the semester, and include discussion and reflection activities around college success. Students are the driver of individualized coaching sessions, setting SMART goals and working collaboratively with their coach on identifying and improving strategies related to the 7 domains of coaching:

Three students sitting at a table during a group coaching session
  • academics,
  • executive functioning,
  • career development,
  • social engagement,
  • self-advocacy,
  • well-being, and
  • interdependent living skills. 

Peer Mentors

Peer mentoring provides students with an opportunity to build social connectedness through regular meetings with a fellow UD student at least once a week. During peer mentoring meetings, students can meet up for social activities, do work together, or just hang out.

Peer mentors are trained students who meet weekly with our program to learn about peer education and support our program.

Are you a UD student interested in peer mentoring? Learn more about peer mentors and peer coaches.

Career Development

The Spectrum Scholars career counselor supports students in career development through building employment skills, locating internships and pursuing employment, as well as connecting students to other career resources available at UD.

Our staff have the resources and experience to support Spectrum Scholars throughout their college career and beyond.

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