Disability Studies minor students at graduation

Discover below answers to questions students frequently ask about the minor; learn what’s required of the minor; note who’s teaching the minor and the resources available to anyone who’s enrolled in the minor; and read in Steps Ahead: Disability Studies at UD and our Top 10 list about the appeal of the minor.

Common Questions

Find answers that address students’ questions about admissions criteria, “drop and add”, background checks, transfer of credits, independent studies, online courses and more.


Learn about the minor’s three mainstays: Families and Developmental Disabilities, Introduction to Exceptional Children, and its capstone Senior Seminar in Disability Studies, the “course with few pat answers.” Also preview its three elective courses.

Advisers, Faculty and Other Resources

Review those who are counseling and teaching students in the minor and the professional materials and social networks that are being offered to students in the minor.

A Closer Look at the Minor

The richly illustrated Steps Ahead: Disability Studies at UD gives readers a window on how the minor makes leaders of its students and increases their cultural competency.

Top 10 Reasons to Minor in Disability Studies

There are far more than 10: the minor increases the marketability of its students, for one. Add that and we’re at 11. Here are our original 10. Learn why it’s hot, relevant, real, eye-opening, organic …