Disabilites studies minor student at lecture

What are the Disability Studies (DIST) minor admissions criteria?
You must be a current UD undergraduate who has completed at least one semester. You must be in good standing academically (i.e., not on academic probation). You must have sufficient time in your program of study to complete all course requirements.

How do I add or drop the minor?
Log into UDSIS and initiate a “Change of Major, Minor, Concentration and Graduation Term” webform, which will be received and reviewed by the Minor program coordinator and the University Registrar. You will receive an e-mail notice and a copy of the form when it has been processed.

Can I double-count courses toward my major and the minor (or another minor)?
Yes, you can double-count classes unless your major prohibits that (most don’t). However, if you are double-counting make sure that you have enough credits in total for your degree.

Is it okay to take all of my minor electives within the same academic department as my major?
No. At least one of the three electives must be from outside the requirements of your major.

Are the DIST minor’s required core courses (DIST 250, DIST 465) offered every semester?
Both courses are offered every fall and spring. Occasionally, DIST 250 may be offered in a winter session.

Do I have to take DIST 250 before DIST 465 Senior Seminar?
Yes, you must take DIST 250 before DIST 465. Priority registration for DIST 465 is given to seniors and advanced juniors in some majors.

Is it possible to count a course as a minor elective if it is not on the approved list? 
Yes. Independent studies, special topics and other courses may be used as electives with approval of the Minor’s Faculty Coordinator. To gain approval for courses not on the electives list, you must submit either (a) a brief justification explaining how the course topic relates to understanding disability within a broader context, or (b) an independently completed product from the course that connects course objectives to a disability issue.

I’m interested in taking a course back home and then transferring credits to UD. Can a transfer course count toward the minor?
With approval from the minor faculty coordinator and your minor advisor, a transfer course may count for any minor course, except the DIST 465 Seminar. First, check the university’s course transfer matrix to determine if the substitution has been approved already. If not, send the course title, number and description (or a syllabus) to your minor advisor, and explain which elective you want the course to count toward. If approved by your minor advisor, follow the university procedures for course transfers.

I heard that independent studies can count toward minor electives. I’ve never done an independent study. What’s involved?
If you are looking for something different – a special field experience, a chance to try research, or simply explore a topic in more depth – you should consider doing an independent study under faculty supervision. Many faculty members are willing to have you assist with their research projects or will guide your study on a topic of mutual interest. Ask your professors about their research. You can also get ideas from the “Faculty Projects” page on the Undergraduate Research website. You and the supervising faculty member will complete a “contract” (use the Independent Study/DLE” webform in UDSIS). The contract outlines what you and the faculty member have agreed to do. You also will register for the course credits just as you would for any other class. The faculty member will tell you what course number to use. Remember that all substitutions, including an independent study, must be approved by your minor advisor.

I am considering taking an online course for one of the minor electives. Will I get full credit if I take an online course?
Yes. As long as the course is the full 3-credits, it doesn’t matter if you take it online or in person. If the course is not on the pre-approved elective list, check with the minor coordinator to request approval.