Panelists at CDS25 civil liberties forum
UD talks barriers to voting for people with disabilities The University of Delaware’s Center for Disabilities Studies held a forum on issues related to voting and disability. The panel of national experts discussed how to increase voter participation among people with disabilities, how to engage politicians in issues affecting people with disabilities, and how to include people with disabilities in decision-making processes surrounding elections. Center for Disabilities Studies Director Beth Mineo hopes that the forum sparks further civic engagement in the disability community.
JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s James Mahoney
UD launches career development program for students with autism Five UD students next year will receive communication, independent-living and career development coaching as the first cohort of Spectrum Scholars, a JPMorgan Chase-UD collaboration administered by CDS. The program, which is open to computer science and engineering majors, will also seek to train college faculty and area businesses in creating environments that embrace neurodiversity.
UD President Dennis Assanis speaks at the launch of the Spectrum Scholars program
UD, JPMorgan Chase collaborate to offer undergrads with autism opportunities for success Backed by a 10-year grant from JPMorgan Chase and administered by UD’s Center for Disabilities Studies, Spectrum Scholars will provide a comprehensive support system and career exploration opportunities to UD students with autism majoring in computer and information sciences and in electrical and computer engineering.
VIPS gathered at Spectrum Scholars launch event
Program will help UD students with autism pursue careers The Spectrum Scholars program, which celebrated its launch at University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner Hall on September 24, will support students with autism who are majoring in computer and information science or electrical and computer engineering. Spectrum Scholars will begin next year—and it already has its first applicant.
UD President Dennis Assanis and Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long
University of Delaware launches program for students with autism The University of Delaware, with financial backing from JPMorgan Chase, yesterday launched Spectrum Scholars, a program to support undergraduates with autism majoring in computer science and engineering. CDS will administer the program, which aims to help students build the communication and self-advocacy skills they will need to graduate and pursue a career. UD officials also said that Spectrum Scholars will benefit companies and communities by giving individuals who don’t have autism opportunities to work with and discover the talents of their peers with autism.