Various people with posters and presentations in a collage

Center for Disabilities Studies’ scholars and staff, and University of Delaware students connected to the Center, regularly deliver presentations and present posters to audiences throughout Delaware, regionally, nationally and internationally. Their talks and displays give academicians, practitioners and the community opportunities to learn first-hand about original research from CDS, and CDS’s leadership on issues of importance to people with disabilities and their families.


See a listing of our posters and presentations below.


  • Bear, G., Lachman, F., Hearn, S., Smith, L. & Soltys, A. (2020, February). Linking School Climate Assessment to School Improvement. Oral presentation at the National Association of School Psychologists conference. Baltimore, MD.

  • Eisenman, L. (2020, May). “We listen to each other”: Creating Reciprocity in Peer Mentoring Relationships of College Students with and without Intellectual Disability. Presentation delivered at the Athens Institute for Education & Research, Athens, Greece. 

  • Serra, S., Hall, M., Foley, A. & Eisenman, L. (2020, March). Applied Learning Leads to Student Success. Panel discussion presented at the University of Delaware Student Success Confernce, Newark, DE. 

  • Grigal, M., Papay, C., & Freedman, B. (February, 2020) Including Students with Intellectual Disability in the First Year Experience. Oral Presentation at the Annual Conference on the First Year Experience, Washington, DC.

  • Monahan, J., Lubbers, P., Freedman, B., Moldenhauer, N. (2020, December). Social skills in higher education: Perspectives of autistic college students, neurotypical peers, and staff participating in PEERS for young adults. E-poster presented at the Association of University Centers on Disabilities Annual Conference.

  • Mineo, B., Barton-Hulsey, A., Erickson, K., Goldman, A., Romski, M., & Sevcik, R. (2020, January). Utilizing AAC training resources from the National Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities (NJC). Presentation delivered at the Assistive Technology Industries Association Conference, Orlando, FL.