US Department of Education seal
Ed Department investigating special ed failures during Covid-19

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) started investigations of possible discrimination against students with disabilities in school districts in Virginia, Indiana, California and Washington. Reporting from Indiana and Washington suggests the DOE’s attention is due, in part, to local news stories about teachers refusing to offer tailored instruction or other accommodations to students with disabilities during periods of remote learning.

Gov. John Carney and adminstration officials conduct a press conference on the coronavirus situation in the state from the Carvel State Building
Delaware governor unveils fiscal 2022 spending proposal

Gov. Carney released his annual budget proposal, which includes several million dollars in spending increases for Medicaid and school “Opportunity Funding”; across-the-board pay raises for state employees and a $30 million Covid contingency fund. Carney’s budget would also maintain grants-in-aid funding, which support non-profit organizations, including many that serve people with disabilities, at essentially the same level as last year.

Rudy Giuliani walks through large, decorative wooden doors into a courtroom, flanked by two associates. All three wear formal business suits.
Rudy Giuliani sued by Dominion Voting Systems over false election claims

One of the largest voting machine manufacturers in the United States, Dominion Voting Systems, is suing for defamation former President Trump’s confidant and lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani linked Dominion’s founding with long-dead Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. The company actually started in Toronto, manufacturing assistive technology that enabled people who were blind to mark paper ballots.

Parent Molly Myers works with kids to pass out door hangers at the Missouri Capitol while lobbying for legislation mandating that insurance cover therapy for children with developmental disabilities.
Parents with disabilities face extra hurdles with kids’ remote schooling

Parents with disabilities and advocates have expressed concern that remote instruction can be a significant burden when teachers ask for parental support without providing accommodations. Schools are bound by the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability legislation not to discriminate against parents with disabilities, although a specialist in the field says that schools’ obligations during Covid have not been litigated in court.

A hand holds a Covid rapid test device
Del. expands COVID testing in group home settings

The state will supply by the end of the month rapid Covid tests to Delaware group homes, day programs and other congregate settings for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. An administrator from the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services says the tests – which return a result in 15 minutes – will greatly benefit care providers, who sometimes need to break Covid safety guidelines on the job.