A home care aide wearing a mask assists an elderly man wearing a mask doing an arm exercise.
Senators call on Biden to uphold promise to expand community-based services

Led by Sens. Bob Casey and Cory Booker, a group of Democratic lawmakers is calling on President Biden to put in motion his campaign promise to invest $450 million in home- and community-based services for people with disabilities and the elderly. They argue that the investment would benefit individuals who could transition from institutions to home or community settings and bolster the caregiver workforce, which has been depleted by the pandemic.

Nurses check registration lists before testing patients for coronavirus at the University of Washington Medical Center
Unfavorable attitudes to disabled people rife amongst medics, says new study

According to a new study published in health policy journal Health Affairs, more than 80 percent of U.S. doctors surveyed believed people with disabilities experienced an inferior quality of life than that of people without disabilities. The study, led by a Harvard doctor who specializes in the clinical experiences of people with disabilities, consisted of survey responses from more than 700 doctors from a variety of specialties across the country.

Gov. John Carney and adminstration officials conduct a press conference on the coronavirus situation in the state from the Carvel State Building
Phase 1C pushed back by Delaware

During a weekly press conference, Gov. Carney said that the state is prioritizing administering the second dose of Covid vaccine to nursing home residents and health care workers – and will delay vaccinations for people with “high risk” medical conditions including intellectual and developmental disabilities and people living in congregate settings like group homes. It will likely not be until mid-March, WBOC reports, that Covid vaccines will be made available to this population.

Headshot of Warren Snipe, who stands in profile looking at the viewer over his shoulder. The background is dark with a light source in the top left behind Snipe.
Warren ‘Wawa’ Snipe’s ASL Super Bowl performance went viral. He wants to redefine what deaf artists can do.

Hip-hop artist, actor and ASL performer Warren Snipe drew national praise for his dramatic interpretation of the national anthem and “America, the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl. Snipe, who describes himself as “a rapper who happens to be Deaf,” says he has worked for years to bring more attention to both Deaf culture and hip hop. He calls his style, a mixture of images and audio, “Dip Hop” – hip hop through Deaf eyes.

A nurse puts a stethoscope to an infant's chest. The infant lies in a plexiglass walled bed in the neonatal intensive care unit
Research to study COVID-19 effects on preterm birth

A consortium of institutions including Nemours, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Yale University are examining nationwide insurance data to find possible reasons explaining a dip in premature birth rates during the Covid-19 pandemic. Researchers intend to examine personal medical factors, including how often the mother attended prenatal doctor visits and what tests were administered, and socioeconomic factors such as whether the hospital was in an urban or rural area.