An adult with long dark hair wipes the face of a younger person with long dark hair at the door to a house.
Congress Could Make Waiting Lists For Disability Services A Thing Of The Past

A bill introduced this month, sponsored by Rep. Debbie Dingle and Sen. Bob Casey, would make home and community-based services a mandatory Medicaid benefit.

A person with light-toned skin and dark and pink hair, a dainty turquoise necklace wears a hat, dark glasses and tangee lipstick.
For young people on Medicare, a hysterectomy sometimes is more affordable than birth control

Many young people receiving Social Security disability benefits are covered by Medicare, but the program originally designed for people 65 or older has few provisions for contraception.

People in white jumpsuits sit on folding chairs with a person in street clothes in a room with large windows with some stained glass panels
SXSW: Texas Shorts winner ‘Breaking Silence’ casts light on deaf incarcerated community

A short film highlighting the communication challenges faced by prisoners with hearing disabilities won the Texas Short Jury Award at the South by Southwest Film & TV Festival.

An older person sits in a wheelchair in a bedroom
In nursing homes, impoverished live final days on pennies

Meant to fund expenses not covered by nursing homes, the Medicaid personal needs allowance has not been raised since 1987.

Two people carry items into a home
New Medicaid Waiver Rules Take Effect

A 2014 regulation that defines which programs are eligible for Medicaid home and community-based services waivers will finally take effect on March 17.