Speaker addresses audience at Delaware Transition Conference
Transition conference promotes self-advocacy for Delawareans with disabilities

More than 500 students attended the annual Transition Conference Dec. 5, which helps people with disabilities prepare for the workforce by engaging students in talks with speakers as well as workshops that focus on self-advocacy and job demand.

James Carmody and Elizabeth Boresow, college students with autism
Navigating life on campus when you’re on the autism spectrum

On the autism spectrum, James Carmody, college freshman, and Elizabeth Boresow, college graduate, discuss their higher education experiences in an NPR series, Been There. Carmody shares concerns about doing well in college; Boresow speaks about learning from social mistakes.

Signs call for Medicare for All
Tax bill may threaten disability services

Disability rights activists are fighting the proposed Senate Republican tax bill which, if passed, could cause significant cuts in funding for programs that serve people with disabilities, such as Medicaid, vocational rehabilitation and housing assistance.

Potential Uber user holds smartphone on sidewalk
Uber me to my Airbnb? For wheelchair users, not so fast

A war veteran who uses a wheelchair discusses how companies a part of the sharing economy like Airbnb and Uber have a ways to go in providing accessible travel and temporary stays for those with disabilities.

Paralympic athlete plays goalball
Working on his Ph.D., Paralympic medalist Andy Jenks has big plans on and off the Goalball Court

Parlaympic silver medalist Andrew Jenks is back on the court for the IBSA Goalball Americas Championships. Jenks is also working on his Ph.D in political science and international relations at UD. He wants to help improve disability rights in the nation and the world.