An older adult sits at a table by a large window while working on a laptop
Milford Wellness Village offers WeCare Program

The new WeCare website, a collaboration between the Milford Wellness Village and the Delaware Department of Health, promotes wellness to help manage chronic illnesses.

A child with medium-dark-toned skin plays with bubbles.
Autism Prevalence Rises Again, Study Finds

A study released by the CDC shows that 1 in 36 8-year-olds had autism in 2020, up from 1 in 44 in 2018. The increase was especially sharp in Black, Hispanic, and Asian or Pacific Islander children. 

Bruce Goguen sits in a power wheelchair and Robin Goguen sits in a chair beside her husband. They are an older couple.
Meet the first couple to use Colorado’s new wheelchair ‘right to repair’ law

Longtime disability advocates Bruce and Robin Goguen are the first people to exercise Colorado’s new right-to-repair law, using an app that allows individuals to adjust settings for a power wheelchair

A person signs I love you while papers and money separate them from a hand
‘Prison Within a Prison’: New Mandate Offers Lifeline for Deaf People in Custody

The new Federal Communications Commission rule will require all prison phone companies to provide video communication services for deaf and hard of hearing prisoners.

People mill around outside of the classical colonnade and steps of the Supreme Court
Supreme Court rules for deaf student in education case

The justices have ruled in favor of Miguel Luna Perez’s case against his public school system. Perez’s lawyers argued that the school provided an inadequate education while misleading his family into believing that he was on track to early a high school diploma.