The Symons family pose for a photo in their Newark home.
Newark family shares story of daughter’s hearing loss in video series

11-year-old Zoe Symons who is severely deaf shares her journey with hearing loss, deciding to get cochlear implants and questions she poses to her mom in a video series, “I Want You to Hear.”

Patients sitting in hospital waiting room
Several states roll back ‘retroactive Medicaid,’ a buffer for the poor

Delaware is among a cluster of states that has waived retroactive eligibility for some Medicaid groups. This retroactive eligibility feature is meant to assist the poor and individuals with disabilities in providing financial protection as patients wait for approval of their Medicaid applications.

Clayton Theatre marquee lit up in neon colors
For hearing impaired, Clayton Theatre improves experience

Clayton Theatre in Dagsboro will offer open caption film screenings for members of the deaf and hearing impaired community.

Teacher addresses students in computer lab
Delaware companies find value in autistic workers

In response to an increased demand for employees with autism in Delaware companies, The Precisionists, a Wilmington-based startup, helps employ people with disabilities in jobs that suit an individual’s strengths and needs.

Natalie Rohe plays with toys on the floor
Spicing up a wardrobe with modified jeans to simplify life

UD PhD student Martha Hall is working with the Move to Learn Innovation Lab to build a sense of independence for people with disabilities who have difficulty using zippers and buttons by designing adaptive jeans to fit their needs.