Delaware ABLE Plan logo
Delaware joins 14 states to assist persons with disabilities

Delaware is joining the National ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience)Alliance so that individuals with qualified disabilities can have and manage tax-advantaged accounts to pay for disability-related costs while protecting their federal benefits.

United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos
DeVos delays rule on racial disparities in special education

The Department of Education is proposing a two-year delay on an Obama-era rule that requires states to review districts with disproportionally high rates of minority students receiving special education services, placed in restrictive classrooms or disciplined more than their peers.

A mother walks her two children to school
Feds urged to clarify IDEA rights at private schools

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that 83 percent of students with disabilities are given little to no information about how their rights to a free, appropriate public education under the IDEA Act would be affected by transitioning from a public school to a private school.

Speaker addresses audience at Delaware Transition Conference
Transition conference promotes self-advocacy for Delawareans with disabilities

More than 500 students attended the annual Transition Conference Dec. 5, which helps people with disabilities prepare for the workforce by engaging students in talks with speakers as well as workshops that focus on self-advocacy and job demand.

James Carmody and Elizabeth Boresow, college students with autism
Navigating life on campus when you’re on the autism spectrum

On the autism spectrum, James Carmody, college freshman, and Elizabeth Boresow, college graduate, discuss their higher education experiences in an NPR series, Been There. Carmody shares concerns about doing well in college; Boresow speaks about learning from social mistakes.