Pre-K costs squeeze the middle class

A CDS study of pre-K programs in Delaware found that many were providing substandard service.

Del. disability services are taken to task

Steven Eidelman, a recent addition to CDS, has a bold plan to reshape the relationship between state health services and Delawareans with disabilities

Passing mark for full-day K

Michael Gamel-McCormick, director of CDS, shares the positive results of the full-day kindergarten pilot study he spearheaded.

Health advocates fear name change

CDS specialist Jamie Wolfe and advisor Pat Maichle oppose cutting “disability” from renamed state health services, fearing it will reduce visibility and access.

Wolfe devotes life to fighting for those with disabilities

Jamie Wolfe, a self-advocate and CDS advisor, is a regular sight in Dover who has achieved legislative success and earned respect among Delaware’s lawmakers.