VIPS gathered at Spectrum Scholars launch event
Program will help UD students with autism pursue careers The Spectrum Scholars program, which celebrated its launch at University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner Hall on September 24, will support students with autism who are majoring in computer and information science or electrical and computer engineering. Spectrum Scholars will begin next year—and it already has its first applicant.
UD President Dennis Assanis and Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long
University of Delaware launches program for students with autism The University of Delaware, with financial backing from JPMorgan Chase, yesterday launched Spectrum Scholars, a program to support undergraduates with autism majoring in computer science and engineering. CDS will administer the program, which aims to help students build the communication and self-advocacy skills they will need to graduate and pursue a career. UD officials also said that Spectrum Scholars will benefit companies and communities by giving individuals who don’t have autism opportunities to work with and discover the talents of their peers with autism.
LEND student Oshay Johnson
Family mentors nurture future service providers’ compassion, creativity in CDS program Tomorrow’s health and education professionals experience daily life with children with developmental disabilities in CDS’s Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities program
Stephanie Kaznica, on the right, leads a discussion at CDS
New coordinator has personal stake in grad student disability education program Stephanie Kaznica, whose daughter has an autism diagnosis, contributes more than time to the UD training program for pre-professionals.
CDS Associate Director Brian Freedman, Cape Henlopen High School student Zach Simpler, and Gov. John Carney pose at bill signing
New scholarship to help students with intellectual disabilities pursue college education The Delaware Advance Scholarship Program, which was signed into law earlier this month, will provide grants to defray tuition costs for students with intellectual disabilities attending college programs. Combined with other state sources of financial aid, the Advance Scholarship will give students greater access to transition programs that hone their academic, career and independent living skills. Currently, UD’s Career and Life Studies Certificate is the only such program that exists in-state.