NAACP President Cornell William Brooks at voting rights march
Protection of voting rights for minorities has fallen sharply, a new report finds

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently issued a 500-page report finding that federal intervention on behalf of minority voting rights has dropped since the 2013 Supreme Court decision striking down key provisions of the Voting Rights Act. The Justice Department has not filed a suit alleging polling places were inaccessible to voters with disabilities since 2008, despite surveys suggesting that 60 percent of polling places may present barriers to some voters.

Shayne Nagel, right, comforts her daughter, Erin, who has autism Shayne Nagel, right, comforts her daughter, Erin, who has autism.
Congress weighs reauthorizing program that moves people out of institutions

The U.S. House of Representatives health subcommittee advanced legislation to reauthorize the Money Follows the Person program for one year with $450 million in funding. This program helps people with disabilities leave institutions and move into their own apartments or group homes. Sponsors of the bill say that access to affordable housing provides people with disabilities with a better quality of life.

Kent County Courthouse
Disabled nurse awarded damages in suit against Bayhealth Medical Center

A jury determined that Bayhealth violated the Delaware Persons with Disabilities Employment Act by not allowing Suzanne Wilgus to return to work wearing a back brace following surgery. Bayhealth staff claimed that Wilgus could not perform her job duties with the brace, but attorneys for Wilgus argued that the brace was a reasonable accommodation and imposed no physical limitations.

Football player Shaquem Griffin of the Seattle Seahawks
Shaquem Griffin gets first taste of NFL in loss to Broncos

Shaquem Griffin, a football player with one hand, made his first NHL start with the Seattle Seahawks on September 9. Shaquem had his left hand amputated following complications from a rare birth defect. He impressed scouts at the combine in February by performing the bench press with a prosthetic on his left arm.