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A person with a disability and a direct service professional work on an art project while both wear face masks
For people with disabilities, their families and the general community

Disability Voices United’s Webinar on Coronavirus Emergency Preparedness Planning helps households prepare in case someone is infected with the coronavirus. Some content is particular to the California regional center system. Other content, such as the healthcare passport or the checklists presented, may be broadly useful.

graduating student shaking hand of dean
For educators, families and teachers of young adults with intellectual disabilities

Think College presents “Teaching & Learning Online: Strategies for Supporting College Students with ID” featuring tips for college students with intellectual disabilities in regards to access, engagement and use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

a woman utilizing accessible reading material on her tablet device
For people with disabilities and their families

The Tar Heel Reader website was created by Karen Erickson, UNC researcher and Director of the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies and provides free, easy-to-read books that are accessible for all to use and can be read aloud by text-to-speech software and accessed using different methods, including touchscreen, switches and the keyboard.

a teacher is being watched on a laptop computer while a hand takes notes on the instructions
For teachers and educators

The Support for Teachers Affected by Trauma (STAT) curriculum is designed to help teachers understand Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) and provide ways to mitigate its effects through the use of self-care techniques and a variety of helpful resources.

a woman wearing a face mask puts on eye makeup
Parents and families

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus is an article featuring tips for parents to support their own well-being from the Child Mind Institute (CMI).

illustration of various disability related icons
For health care providers

This PDF handout, Safeguard Against Disability Discrimination During COVID-19, from the Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities, comes with tips for equity in healthcare practices and how professionals can take action in their workplaces.

a boy wearing a face mask sits at his home desk
For professionals who care for and families who have children with ASD

This Resource Gallery of Interventions from the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) breaks down resources into categories with downloadable materials to support individuals with developmental disabilities.

man in outdoor triage area
For health care providers

The University of Miami Health System Miller School of Medicine’s Rapid Response Team Training: Preventing discrimination against people with disabilities during a public health emergency teaches triage team members how to ensure equitable and objective resource allocation in times of shortages.

illustration of hands washing
For people with disabilities and their families

Texas A&M University’s Project REDD is providing Prevention of COVID-19: Modifications and Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities, a PDF handout with tips on preventing COVID-19 and specific accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Person outdoors meditating
For parents and their families

Child Mind Institute’s article, How Mindfulness Can Help During COVID-19, provides tips on simple mindfulness practices for calming anxiety.

female college student with prosthetic leg sits on floor and works on a laptop
For teachers and educators

The Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) Resource Library is a searchable collection of credible and actionable resources paired with examples from the field of schools and teachers adapting ways of meeting student needs.

a mother supervising her child reading of a book
For elementary-aged students and their families

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)-friendly daily home school lesson plans from Novak Educational Consulting which include academic activities based on a theme as well as outdoor, creativity, chore and family time activities.

Woman in wheelchair on phone and laptop at home
For people with disabilities and their families

This PDF handout, COVID-19 Fact Sheet for People with Disabilities, from the Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities, comes with tips for preventing against COVID-19 and an outline of basic healthcare rights.

A child with a disability and his mother look at a tablet device together and smile
For professionals who care for and families who have children with disabilities

COVID-19 Database for People with I/DD, Caregivers and Staff is a searchable database for resources and information put together by the Young Adult Institute (YAI) to provide help with COVID-19 related challenges.

A child with autism sits frustrated at a table where others are doing school work
Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

The Developmental Disabilities Clinics at the Yale Child Study Center have unveiled Coping during the COVID-19 Pandemic, a PDF featuring links and information to help provide ideas as they develop new routines within homes of children with ASD.

Teacher communicates with student through a computer video connection
For teachers and educators of students with disabilities

Teaching Online During COVID-19 is a pre-recorded webinar that includes tips, resources, and tools for moving instruction online presented by the Council for Exceptional Children.