Welcome to the DNEA

What it does

To ensure that people with autism and their families have access to high quality support, education and evidence-based care, the DNEA provides training and information to community agencies, organizations and individuals directly affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. It does that by leveraging interdisciplinary expertise, including special education, applied behavior analysis and speech-language pathology. Led by CDS, the DNEA represents a partnership between Autism Delaware and other groups dedicated to having people with ASD and their families lead successful lives in the community. Launched in 2016 by Senate Bill 93, the Network offers its services through state funding, contracts and grants.

Its advisors

The Interagency Committee on Autism (ICA) includes family members, self-advocates, professionals and state agency representatives who are dedicated to ensuring that Delaware responds effectively to the needs of the ASD community. See its members and review its upcoming meetings here.

The Blueprint

The DNEA grew out of the Blueprint for Collective Action, a strategic plan published in 2013 by a team of statewide partners. Read about that collaborative effort and the outcomes its stakeholders expect to achieve, in part through the DNEA.

Information from the DNEA

What is ASD?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can impact a person in a variety of ways. The most distinctive impact is on a person’s ability to socially relate to others and the associated characteristics of ASD can range in scope and severity. Learn about common characteristics and symptoms of ASD and its impact here.

“Ways ASD impacts my life”

Parents and children, young adults and retirees, a diverse array of Delawareans with autism and their families describe what it’s like to live with ASD in videos, slideshows, blogs and other story formats. Experience their accounts here.

Supports for people with ASD and their families

Check out several Delaware-based resources for people with ASD and their families. Information on the early childhood system in Delaware, diagnosis and educational classification, and organizations that offer additional resources and support can be found here.

Training from the DNEA

Delaware has recently increased its efforts to provide training in evidence-based practices to support people with ASD and their families. Discover what it’s offering here, where you’ll find a calendar of upcoming trainings and where you can request individualized trainings for your organization from the DNEA or one of its partner organizations.